Rehab and Fitness

Our team of physical therapy assistants and veterinary medical professionals will produce a targeted, therapeutic exercise plan designed for your pet with detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to perform it at home.

Looking for exercise, swim lessons, rehabilitation from surgery or to aid a chronic condition? Try our pool!

Warm water and weightlessness create a workout that can benefit geriatric patients with arthritis in need of conditioning, or any pet with pent-up energy that needs exercise no matter the weather! Hydrotherapy utilizes the properties of water, such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity and resistance to improve physiological functioning. Our pool and underwater treadmill offer a controlled yet challenging environment for cardiovascular conditioning and physical rehabilitation.

Buoyancy, resistance and heat are used to create a low-impact and safe workout that helps to increase blood flow, muscle strength, and endurance along with improving lung capacity and overall conditioning.

Electrical stimulation is a commonly used therapy in rehabilitation which is effective for increasing range of motion, increasing muscle strength, providing muscle re-education following nerve damage, correcting structural abnormalities, and improving muscle tone.

This treatment also enhances function, improves pain control, accelerates healing, and reduces muscle spasm and edema.


Sound waves are used to reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate wound healing and decrease muscle spasms. Tendons, ligaments and muscles are good tissues to which to apply this therapy.  It can stimulate healing and help to rehabilitate scar tissue and adhesions.  Ultrasound treatment aids the restoration of natural elasticity of such tissues.